Winch Safety Thimble™

Part #000344 (Patent Pending)

Winch Safety Thimble

The 2 1/2 inch diameter aluminum alloy Safety Thimble won't pull through your fairlead. It only weighs approx. 9 ozs. (less than half that of winch hooks) thus reducing the risk of injury. No open hook to fall off anchor point. Large radius bend and support groove decrease potential failure points.

The RIGHT way...
Stops at the fairlead
Reduces risk of injury due to hook
pulling through fairlead
Regular hooks may pull through fairleads
...the WRONG way.

The large center hole allows use of all common D-rings and shackles. Rated for use on all winches up to 15,000 pounds pull.

Read the operator's manual provided by your winch manufacturer for instructions on how to operate your winch in safe and efficient manner.

Fits all winch rope and cable 5/16 to 3/8 inch diameter.

The RIGHT way...
Thimble D-ring connection to a strap
Regular hook can fall off the strap end loops
...the WRONG way.

The Winch Safety Thimble Gives you a place to attach a clevis to the cable.

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