Windshield Frame Protectors



  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Single Edge Razor Blade
  • Paper Towels
  • Masking Tape
  • Hair Dryer
  • Sharp Scissors


* * Important! Surface temperature of vehicle & cover must be above 60°F.


* * Proper surface preparation is the most important step for proper adhesion!

WARNING: Do Not Remove Adhesive Backing from Protector parts Yet!

Carefully place all Protector parts in location. Note all areas to be cleaned plus ½" around outside of parts.

Clean area thoroughly 3 times. Use a generous amount of rubbing alcohol and clean paper towels each time (rub hard), allow to air dry between each cleaning. Clean down in all body seams/bolts, etc.

Clean area one more time, but this last time dry the alcohol off with a dry paper towel. If you see any dirt/wax film streaks while doing this, repeat cleaning process until spotless.


Do not remove adhesive backing until instructed.

Start with the lowest piece on the windshield frame hinge first. Carefully place Protector in proper location and check for proper fit (normally a
1/8" - 3/16" gap will be around all outside edges). If any areas need trimmed, trim with sharp scissors. Securely tape in proper location with masking tape, making sure there are no voids under Protector.

Remove masking tape ONLY on the front (windshield side) of the Protector and around the body corner, leave the body side area securely taped in place (this will keep Protector properly located).

Carefully peel adhesive backing paper off of the untaped area, tear off at the body corner and discard. Start pressing the Protector in place (working from the corner, around towards the windshield). Do not rub down hard until after installation is complete and you know it is in the proper location with all the large air bubbles out. If the location is off, you can pull it up and relocate Protector before final rub down.

Remove masking tape from the body side and repeat above.

Repeat the above steps for the middle piece.


Do not remove backing until instructed.

Hold the Protector in place and carefully note the location of the long straight outer edge by the door opening. There should be about a 3/16" gap around the Protector. Tape this ENTIRE edge securely in place. Roll the piece around the edge and check the location, (may vary due to manufacturing variances). Trim or relocate as needed.

Using the tape as a “hinge”, remove all the adhesive backing paper. Start lightly pressing the part down along the body side and slowly “roll” (by sliding your hand up and down) the entire part around the corner.

There is a slight compound curve in this area and the part may have small “puckers” by the windshield as it goes into place, try to spread these into many small “puckers” instead of one. Use the hairdryer to heat this area if you have trouble.

When you are satisfied with the alignment and installation, use a clean, dry paper towel and thoroughly rub down the entire Protector to finish adhesion. If you have an air bubble you cannot work to an outside edge, cut a small slit in the center of the bubble and press out the air.

NOTE: The "Clear Frost" colored Protectors will take a week or so (faster in warm temperatures) before the clear color will even out, the adhesive is very thick and viscous and it takes time for the adhesive to fully "wet out". Please do not be alarmed if, directly after application, the Protector looks spotty, you are only seeing the adhesive through the clear material.


No maintenance is required, clean with a soft brush and soapy water.
Do not direct pressure washer sprays at an angle around the edges for 10-14 days after installation.

If the Protector ever needs to be removed, a hair dryer can be used to start a corner and it can be pulled off, but this will destroy the Protector. Use alcohol to soften and remove the old adhesive.


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