Crossmember Skid Plate – Installation Instructions


Note: Installation will be much easier and safer if you have a helper.

Tools Required

  • Safety glasses
  • 3/16” Hex/allen Wrench
  • 1/2" wrench
  • 3/8” Drill Bit
  • Drill
  • File &/or Grinder
  • Floor Jack (tall enough to reach your crossmember)

Step 1: Clean

Wash all mud, sand, rocks, etc. from BOTH the top and bottom side of your factory transfer case crossmember.

Step 2: Installation

Put on your safety glasses.

Note: 2003 – Current models with automatic transmission ONLY – Remove the factory installed auxiliary skid plate.

Place the skid into position, the rear 90° “lip” of the skid goes into the “U”- shaped channel at the rear of the factory crossmember (except 2003-Current models). Have your helper place the jack in the center of the skid and jack it up lightly (but enough to hold it in place). Make sure the skid is centered side to side.

Note: If there are any factory welds that have slag or very high spots that will interfere with mounting, just remove the skid and file or grind these spots down. The skid will not fit down perfectly flush, this is fine, but any obvious high spots (over ¼” or so) need to be removed.

Note: For 1987-95 Wrangler® (YJ series) only – push the skid FORWARD (to the front of vehicle) until the rear lip contacts the crossmember inside the U – shaped channel.

Note: 2003-Current only – this model overhangs both the front and rear edges of the crossmember. See below for modification required to skid on automatic transmission models.

When properly located, jack the vehicle up enough to SECURELY hold the skid in location.

There are 16 each – 3/8” holes in the skid plate, most vehicles will NOT be able to use all of the holes. Check for obstructions (wires, exhaust, transfer case, mounts, etc.) before drilling ANY holes. Most vehicles can use 10-14 of the mounting locations.

Drill ONE hole in a corner location, put in a bolt and nut, tighten. Double check location of the skid (centered and in proper location). Drill another hole in the opposite corner and install bolt and nut.

Recheck skid location. Now you can drill all the rest of the holes and install the nuts and bolts.

For 1997-2002 Wrangler® (TJ series) there are two different length bolts (3/4” & 1 ¼”) included, use the shortest bolt that will give full thread contact for the nut. Normally the shorter bolts go in the front half of the skid.


Cut the lip (shown below, on white line) off the automatic transmission skid with a hacksaw or other method, then drill two holes that line up with the holes in the front center of the new skid and install the bolts and nuts.


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